Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tornado Warning!

My little Peanut is a tornado.

She completely destroys every room she walks into. Her bedroom is in a continual state of disarray. She makes a habit of dumping the living room toy basket first thing in the morning. She recently discovered Mommy's dresser and enjoys emptying entire drawers and hanging tank tops, underwear and bras around her neck and then discarding them in random places. Which explains how my underwear ended up on my welcome mat.

And she's so quick! I leave her unsupervised for just a minute and I can count on a disaster area.

Case in point: The other night while I was making dinner, she went on a rampage. Once dinner was on the table, about 20 minutes later, I stood back and assessed the damage.

It is unbelievable to me that a two and a half foot tall little person can completely destroy a room in no time at all. Take a look:



Okay, so I actually took the "before" picture after I cleaned up the mess she made. But I swear, it looked just like that before she got a hold of it.

Let's take one more look:

And my husband wonders why I can't keep the house clean.

So my house is continually under a tornado warning. If you ever come by my house and my whole house looks like the "after" picture, you'll know why.

You've been warned.


  1. This is so funny....(and scary!) :-)

  2. Molly, what a true, funny post. I *SO* feel your pain!!!

  3. We have a tornado here, too! Benjamin gets into more things that either of my other babies EVER did!

  4. and can i just say how lucky you are that there are no underwear in your after shot? i once found a pair of MY clean underwear in our front closet??!! How does that happen?

  5. hahaha! That looks similar to when my husband goes into and out of the kitchen!

  6. my son has done that before. But it was with the trashcan. He dumped it all out and it was all over the floor. I took lots of pictures!!!

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  7. I remember my kitchen always looking like that, my sons loved to play 'pots and pans'...
    now my kitchen is always messy because of me :), I can't blame them anymore!!!

  8. Multiply that by 2 and you have my life.

  9. Oh Molly, I feel your pain. My 3 year old grandson does the SAME thing! It's exhausting following him from one mess to the Thanks for sharing such a cute post!