Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Homemade Christmas

Is homemade one word or two? I'm too lazy to go look it up.

Anyway, as you can guess from the title of my post, I'm working on a slew of homemade presents for Christmas this year. My "favorites" are overflowing with links to great tutorials for fabulous DIY stuff. Here are a few of my favorite things:

A beaded fabric flower necklace
How gorgeous is that?

Fabric snack bags
These would be adorable in a little set with coordinating fabrics!

Flower purse
I'm thinking of a few little ones on my Christmas list who would love this little bag!

Patchwork kitchen mat

Camera strap cover

There are quite a few tutorials for making these, they are so easy!

Fabric Flower Brooch
This is screaming "Gramma!" to me!

My blue jeans shawl

This one is already in progress. I'm not sure who it's for yet...

Crochet Giraffe
How cute is that? I'm thinking about a little collection of crocheted animals for Peanut's stocking.

And of course, lots of people on my list are getting gifts straight out of my Etsy shop. I just perfected a new mitten pattern and they make such cute sets! This set went out in the mail yesterday:

I'd love to hear your ideas for a DIY Christmas! I have over 30 people on my list, so I'd love some new suggestions and patterns! Please share!


  1. well, I know this really cool girl who makes these adorable croched hat for like $15 I think. So I might get another one of those for Lucas and my husband-- maybe matching? HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE??!!

    I LOVE the camera cover idea!! I want one!

  2. wow I love all of this!
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  3. I've actually already made that flower purse for two of my nieces! Currently I'm working on gifts for my sis/sils/Mom. I don't think any of them come to this site, so I feel safe telling you what one of the gifts will be (and oh well if they do read this, they'll just have to make themselves forget what they saw!). One gift they'll (hopefully) be getting is a crocheted market bag. The females in the family are easy, it's the menfolk I'm having a hard time with. Think I could crochet a car cover, or something equally as manly??
    I think for some of the little people in the fam, I'll make up some amigurumi animals - I do like that giraffe!

  4. Great gift ideas, thank you.
    The hat and mittens are great and look very similar to a set that just showed up at my house :-)