Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Baby!

I was born and raised in New York state, where feet of snow and freezing temperatures where just the "norm" during the winter months. When I was 13, our family moved 5 hours south and we were lucky to get a few inches a year.

Even though I wouldn't consider our current geographical location as "southern", we are (just) south of the mason dixon line, so I guess I should be surprised that two inches of snow we got a couple weeks ago was treated like a full blown blizzard.

This snow fall was particularly beautiful. For just a few brief hours, it clung to the bare tree branches and transformed our backyard into a winter wonderland.

The trees were screaming "photograph me!", so I bundled Peanut up and we headed outside. I did manage to get some good pictures, but apparently I have turned into a Southern girl - after 3 minutes I was ready to just admire the snowfall from the inside of the window.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Disappearing act

I know, I know! It's ridiculous, really. I've been neglecting my poor little blog during the crazy holiday season. Awhile back, I blogged about my plans for a homemade Christmas. As it turns out, you need to start working on your homemade Christmas in January if you want to be finished in time for Christmas.

Needless to say, I'm offering that up as my excuse for where I've been for the last month.

My little shop ended up with quite a few Christmas orders (hooray!), so I wasn't able to make half of what I was planning, but here are a few things that did make it under the tree in time for Christmas:

In addition to crocheting into the wee hours for much of December, we've been spending lots of quality time with our family and making many memories!

Now that the deadline of the 25th is behind me, you'll be seeing much more of my ramblings on here! I have oodles of pictures and lots of things I want to share!

Hope you and yours had a beautiful Christmas filled with wonderful memories and happy times.