Monday, April 5, 2010

Plow Days

For the past four years, Justin's grandfather has headed up "Plow Days", an event where folks bring in thier teams of horses and plow a big field the old fashioned way - with horses and old farm equipment. It's intended to bring awareness to how things were done back in the good 'ole days and to be sure that this next generation doesn't lose appreciation for the way that things used to be done...with a lot of sweat and unbelievable hard work.

This year we decided to dress up. Yes, I spent the whole day in a bonnet.

Now, if you promise not to laugh, I'll show you some pictures of me all dressed up in my pioneer outfit plowing a field with Justin. Promise? I don't believe you, but I'll show you anyway.

Can I just tell you how hard this is? After one pass I was huffing and puffing...and I wasn't even holding the horses.

Here's Maddie and her cousin in the little outfits I made them.

This might be my favorite picture from the day. Justin plowed pretty much the whole day and just when we were getting ready to leave, she ran over and climbed up on the plow beside him while he was taking a break.
It really was a great day...bonnet and all.