Monday, May 11, 2009

"Not Me!' Monday

Another week, another "Not Me!" Monday! Head on over to MckMama's awesome blog to join in the fun!

After lugging my new camera everywhere this weekend and taking hundreds of pictures - including great shots of some of my favorite baseball players at a Yankees game - I did NOT accidentally erase my entire memory card. Since I hadn't downloaded them yet that would mean I lost ALL my pictures, so yeah, not me! I would never be that careless.

As the perfect housewife, I always wash our bed sheets every month week without fail. And if our daughter has a diaper leak in our bed, I would never completely forget about the large wet spot she left on our sheets and let my husband sleep on dried urine. Nope, not me! That would just be disgusting.

Since I am such a mature adult, I would never break open a box of runts and eat them during Sunday morning service. I would also never proof-read the church bulletin and mentally edit the spelling and grammar. That would just be rude and immature. Since we know that I am neither of those things - I obviously would never do that. Not me!

What have you not been doing this week? Please don't tell me I am alone in my perfection!


  1. Hey--you're ahead of me! I don't MENTALLY proofread church bulletines; I flat-out mark all the mistakes I find. Well, if I get bored during the sermon. Record so far: 17. (Yes, that was at SBT.)

    I have so far managed to resist casually leaving the edited bulletin in any church offices, though.

  2. I thought it was just me. I am terrible about editing things I see. I edit the newspaper, too, and worst of all, I edit letters people send me. How mean!!

  3. I love to proof-read, too! Happily our bulletin doesn't often have errors, but there are always lots of opportunities to nit-pick. And I laughed about the dried urine on the sheets...because I've NEVER done that... ;)

  4. I definitely do not proofread everything I see either! Nope, not me!

  5. oh thats awful about the camera card! Except that the awful pregnant pictures of me no longer exist lol. NO that really is awful though. At least it was just one weekend of pics and not a whole months worth.

    I've done the runts/nerds/gobstoppers and sunday morning service thing too. I pour them in my purse so the box doesn't rattle when I dump them out. And I am mature too. About to have my FOURTH kid mature. Its hard to believe!

  6. And I do recall mom saying, "you look like your at a baseball game Molly!"

    Who knew you would still be chastised by your mother for doing something innapropriate at church at the age of 25?

    (you are 25 right? i'm going to pretend I didn't just yell into the other room to ask mom and i'm also going to pretend that she DID know how old you were too.)

  7. I enjoy your Not Me posts, they make me feel better about the occasional patch of dried urine ;)

  8. LOL! I loved the one about the bed sheets. But, of course, I have NEVER done that to MY husband! Hahahaha! And I've never done when my kids wet their own bed. Throw a towel over it honey, I'll wash them tomorrow :)