Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My No 'Poo Experiment

I just ran across a post on this site that really intrigues me. (Which doesn't take much by the way, my husband says I'm way to easily entertained.)

I'll admit that I've spent a small fortune on shampoo, conditioner and styling products over the last decade, so a solution that's cheap AND good for my hair and skin sounds like a genius idea.

Since I happen to have everything I need on hand and I'm just about out of my last bottle of shampoo, I see no reason to put off the experiment. I'm super excited to see (and share!) the results.

Check out this and this for more information.


  1. I have not used shampoo in about 2 years but I do use condition..I have VERY curly hair so a good conditioner keeps me from looking like a Q-tip!

    Good luck!


  2. Oooooh, I first heard about this a few months ago and was so intrigued...but I am too chicken to try it. If I skip one day of washing my hair, I start to go bananas. I'll be so interested to hear how it goes for you! I have no doubt that the outcome would be great, it's the detoxing period that makes my knees weak....

  3. Such a good idea. I did try this about 2 years ago when I was first pregnant and all worried about chemicals and the baby...but I had trouble find a good way to store the baking soda/lemon fresh lemons (4/$1) can really add up. Do let us know how you are storing/applying this...can't wait to hear/see how it goes!

  4. I tried this and after 2 months of rough detox went back to using shampoo, but extremely diluted (1T shampoo lasts me about a month when mixed with 2 c water and 1/4 c baking soda)and I haven't used conditioner since Christmas. I skip the lemon juice and vinegar, and instead rub a little coconut oil onto the ends of my hair if it is getting dry or has flyaways. my hair has never been healthier.