Friday, September 4, 2009

Peanut and the chickens

Have I ever mentioned that our next door neighbors are 40,000 chickens? No? Hmmm, must have slipped my mind.

I'm not a big fan of chickens. Never have been. But in my neck of the woods, they are everywhere. Chickens farms around every corner. My father in law raises them and my husband helps him from time to time in the chicken houses.

Last Saturday he announced that he was taking Peanut with him to see the new flock of "bitties" that had just come in. Normally, I don't step foot in or around the houses. Putting it simply, they don't smell very good. But with small chicks, I knew the smell would be at a tolerable level and I didn't want to miss Peanut's reaction to the birds. So I grabbed my camera and a clothespin for my nose and tagged along.

I'm really glad I did.


  1. I love the one where shes putting the baby chick near her cheek. So cute

  2. Priceless. I can see that it was totally worth it!

  3. Sooo cute!
    My neighbor only has about 10 chickens and they smell bad. I can't even imagine the smell of thousands!!!