Monday, July 20, 2009

"Not my child!" Monday

This week, in a twist on her weekly blog carnival, Not Me! Monday, Mckmama is hosting Not my child! Monday. At the tender young age of 17 months, you would think that I would struggle to come up with material for this challenge. Not so, my friends! Read on...

Yesterday at church, in typical fashion, I had forgotten to apply my mascara before walking in the door. So I scurried into the ladies room with Peanut, set her down and proceeded to preen in front of the mirror. Being the perfect little angel that she is, she did not immediately run to an empty stall and begin splashing in an open toilet. Not my child!

After I'd cleaned her up after that didn't happen, I set her down again. She did not promptly run to the only occupied stall, stick her entire head under the door and say "Hi!" Nope, not my child!

Last week (while I was not blogging in our bedroom!) Peanut did not invade our master bathroom, procure a full box of tampons and tear open each and every one of them. Nope, not my child!

A couple days ago, I did not find her strategically picking raisins and cracker bits out of the pile of dirt I had just swept up. And she was certainly not eating them! Nope, not my child!

What has your child not done lately? I'd love to hear!


  1. My child did not take a brand new cloth diaper that I had packaged up to sell and she did not dip it into her ketchup like a big chicken nugget. It was not ruined. And it did not have to be added to our own stash... Nope, not my child. :)

  2. My 11-month-old did not sneak away from Grandmother and climb an entire flight of stairs by himself in search of Mommy. Nope, not my child! ~Brisa

  3. My 2 year old did help her friend eat 2 bowls of cat food and then drink the cat water. Nope, not my child :D

  4. Hehe... My oldest did not pat my mummy tummy and say "Mama your tummy is ugly. Mine is pretty. It's okay." Where in the world did she learn that, but okay...
    While playing outside my youngest did not get a mouth full of dogfood and love every minute of it.