Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Zoo

We are blessed to have a wonderful little zoo only about 15 minutes from our home. Although we don't go nearly as often as I (and certainly Peanut) would like, we do take advantage of it at least once a month.

Yesterday we tagged along with my sister, her three kids and my youngest sister.

Peanut met a "quak-quak" up close and personal...

A gorgeous peacock even posed for us in all his glory. We even saw teeny weeny little baby peacocks following along behind their mother!

We chowed down on fruit and sandwiches in the park afterwards...Peanut is a big fan of bananas!
I was even able to capture a spontaneous toddler hug, Peanut loves her cousin!


  1. Wow! Only 15 minutes away is nice! Ours is nearly an hour away. Needless to say, we don't go to often. Looks like y'all had fun!

  2. hehe she looks like a little monkey eating that banana:) and we call them 'quack quacks' too! Love her little dress:)

  3. How fun! Don't you love the look in their eyes when they look at those amazing animals? hehe

  4. oh so cute! I love the Zoo, I can't wait till we take Lucas for his first trip!

  5. Going to the zoo is so much fun! I adore the picture of the hug ... so sweet!