Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cloth diapers: My stash and some fluffy pictures

I'm the "Fluffy Momma of the Week" over at Dirty Diaper Laundry, so you should totally go check that out. :-)

While I was preparing my interview answers for DDL, I revisited some of my old cloth diaper pictures. I forgot how obsessed I used to be with my diapers! Unless you cloth diaper your baby, I realize that being obsessed with something that is designed to catch your baby's poo sounds totally insane, but I'm sure all you CD mommas can relate.

Here's Peanut at about 3 months old in a Blueberry Minky Wrap that I scored off a diaper swap. She still fits in it and still loves the feel of the soft minky material.

Here she is just a couple days ago (she was 16 months yesterday, sniff, sniff) in a Happy Heiny OS pocket diaper. (And yes, I do love animal prints, thanks for wondering!)

I snapped a few pictures of my stash yesterday and I thought I'd share with you all! It's really grown over the past year! These pictures are missing about 6 diapers that are in the pail, dozens of doublers and inserts, a dozen prefolds that I never use, a stack of homemade baby wipes and two pail liners. Other than that, this is it!

The far left pile is all my fitteds (Kissaluvs, Drybees, Thirsties, Happy Heinys, Nana Bottoms and Tiny Tush), 2nd pile is all my AIOs (Bumkins, Bluberry, WAHM, Drybees, Mommy's Touch, DreamEze), 3rd pile is my BG pockets (missing about 3 of those that are in the wash), and finally, all my covers (Thirsties, Bummis Superbrites, Blueberry Minky).

I'm adding this picture just because I love it and also so I can preach about how wonderful the fresh air and sun is for your baby's diapers! The sun lifts stains that even bleach won't touch - it's truly amazing! I desperately miss my clothesline at the old house, hubby still hasn't gotten around to putting one up at the new place, so I'm stuck with the dryer.

I'd love to see your cloth diaper stash! I'm going to throw up a MckLinky so we can all see them. Come on! You know you want to take some pictures of your diapers!


  1. Yay! Great stash. I love all the colors and designs. I hope to grow mine to be as pretty as yours!

  2. TOO cute! I can't believe you have so many! And I didn't even know cloth diapers CAME in ANIMAL prints!! my mother would love that, ha! :) Your little doll is so adorable!!!

  3. I want to CD my next child. I am excited. I'd love some tips, insider info if you don't mind.

  4. OH man! I'm envious of your stash! We EC, so I don't have as many as I could have...I'm sure my husband appreciates that as I really find cloth diapering to be TOTALLY addicting! I'll post my stash as soon as I can take some pics :-)

  5. I am so jealous!! What a wonderful stash!!

  6. Oh, and what a cute model!!!!

  7. What a great stash! Are Drybees yoru favorites/most effective?