Monday, May 4, 2009

Mod Mum Sling - A Review

I'm really into babywearing lately. Although I love my other carriers, I've found that slings are more practical for every day use.

My latest sling is a Mod Mum reversible pouch sling. Lisa from Mod Mum generously donated this sling for me to try and review for you all - how cool is that?

The first thing I noticed about this sling is how well it is made. Instead of the standard one layer of fabric, the Mod Mum sling has two. This not only makes it reversible, it gives it twice the durability and security of the average pouch sling. The sling also has built in padding around the edge so that the fabric doesn't cut into the back of your baby's little legs.

It's super easy to slip on and off, just fold in half and slip it over your shoulder. I wear Peanut in a hip carry, but with her body more centered in the front of my body. This allows me to use both of my arms for whatever I'm doing.

I used this sling out grocery shopping the other day - Peanut hates to sit in a shopping cart - and it worked great! I shopped for over an hour with her happily snuggled close to me and my shoulders and back never ached at all.

Not only is it extremely well made, easy to use and comfortable - it's super cute! Did I mention it's reversible? I have the Taylor sling and it's great polka dot pattern reverses to green - which just happens to be my favorite color!

Seriously, this is my new favorite baby carrier. Apparently, it's Peanut's too -yesterday when I took this sling out to put it on, she actually ran up to me clapping her hands -she was so excited to get in!

Buy one: Mod Mum slings retail for between $38-$64 and can be purchased directly from Mod Mum.

Win one: In honor of Mother's Day, Mod Mum is giving away three slings to deserving mothers. To enter in the giveaway, visit their blog and chose one of four easy ways to enter.


  1. This is the same print I have and I LOVE IT! This is definitely our favorite sling, too!

  2. That's darling! I'm drooling, here...