Monday, April 27, 2009

New words and the return of the hissy fit

Peanut has a new favorite word. "ahside!", which in baby-speak means, "take me outside right this very minute!". This child just loooooves to be outside. Loves to get dirty. Loves to bite on rocks. Loves to throw total hissy fits* every time I bring her back inside the house. I'm talking melting into a pile, arching the back, screaming and shrieking like the world is ending hissy fit*. Oh yeah.

Thankfully, Daddy needed to wash his truck tonight, so she tagged along as his "helper". It was the happiest she'd been all day!

She was totally enthralled with the bubbles, I caught this picture when she splashed too hard in the bucket and some "bubbas" flew up and caught her in the face.

*According to wiktionary : A tantrum, a childish display of anger or frustration; an overly dramatic tantrum. (emphasis on the dramatic.)


  1. Fun photo! Sorry about the hissy fits...

  2. Outside and dirt are such good fun! Bubbles too of course :) Sunnyboy was the same with the hissy fits going back in the house although he's over that now. Something that helped get sunnyboy indoors without a hissy fit at that age was suggesting a walk (rather than going straight indoors) and then ending our walk by coming in the front door instead of the back. That worked because we have a gate in our back garden that we could leave by.

  3. LOVE the photo... just adorable! :)

  4. Ivy is so this way too. She cries if the door shuts when someone goes in or out without her making it out the door herself. Wild! but, her favorite word is "doggie". Everything is "doggie" and our doggie is outside, so I'm thinking that is the draw. Very nice picture!

  5. Oooohhhhhh ahside is a favorite word here, too. She is so stinkin CUTE! SH elooks completely offended that the bubbles DARED to splash on her.