Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Beginning

As a child I was force-fed all kinds of revolting foods my mom called “healthy meals”*. I specifically remember my older sister and I having a conversation about how we would never feed our children these horrid things. Now, here I am - one husband and a baby later - starting a blog about doing exactly what my mother was trying to do with us - trying to live life a little more naturally.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my life took a unexpected turn back to my roots when I decided to give birth naturally - totally drug-free. Hey, if my mom did it eight times it can’t be that bad, right? This interest in natural childbirth (which is another topic for another time) renewed my interest in all things natural. Healthy foods, natural medicine and herbal remedies were just a few of the things I suddenly found enormously appealing. One of the especially interesting things that I found was that there was very little exposure to the benefits of a natural lifestyle. In my personal life, I found a disturbing number of mothers who were completely clueless when it came to daily choices that affected the health and wellbeing of their children. I saw blatant disregard and willful ignorance to facts that make a huge impact on their family’s lives.

I’m beginning this blog with the hope that it will encourage parents to start taking steps towards a more natural way of life. I’m just a normal mom with normal struggles (when it comes down too it, I’ll choose ice cream over an apple any day of the week), but I’m doing my best to make smart, healthy choices for the good of my little family.


* I feel compelled to add that my mother also fed us plenty of yummy healthy foods…the yucky stuff just stays with you a little longer.


  1. Heh ~ I like your little note at the end!

  2. Ha ha remember when mom first started cooking lentils? She cooked them plain with no seasoning over rice. Well dad wouldn't eat them and said we didn't have to either. Mom was so mad, and Granny Robinson said something about her feeding us "nasty" food.
    Now of course Mom makes delicious lentil soup...