Sunday, March 1, 2009

All about me

If you haven't already figured it out from the title of my blog, my name is Molly.

I'm the daughter of two amazing parents, and sister to seven awesome sisters. Yup, I'm one of eight girls. Nope, no brothers. My sisters and I blog over here.

I was homeschooled from k5 - 12th grade and even though it had it's ups and downs, I wouldn't trade my experience for anything.

I've been married my Justin, a hard-working, farm-loving, computer challenged, funny man since August 2005.

We welcomed Peanut, our adorable, feisty, charming, loveable little daugther in February 2008.

I'm a christian and I take my faith very seriously. I believe the Bible is the absolute authority on every subject.

My little family lives in the country where our next-door neighbors are chickens, our backyard is a corn field and depending on the time of year we can see either a field of beef cows, soybeans or corn from our front porch. Did I mention my husband is into farming?

I'm obsessed with all things natural. Natural childbirth, extended breastfeeding, organic foods, natural remedies are just a few of things you'll often find me blogging about. If it's super crunchy or just slightly off the beaten path, I'm probably into it.

Have more questions? Please email me !